Construction Project Management

KCM Group is committed to meeting and exceeding the owners’ expectations on all construction management projects.

To do this, we define the owner’s objectives and the project delivery method before construction starts. Then, we implement the owner’s vision through proactive and collaborative management from concept to completion. We work to achieve consistency between the design and the project’s objectives by performing regular technical reviews to ensure the quality, coordination and constructability of the designs as they progress. Budgets and schedules are established at the outset, updated as needed, and closely monitored throughout the design phase. Finally, KCM Group performs a thorough review of the completed product and closeout documents.

Pre-Construction Phase Services

  • Programming Assistance
  • Entitlement/Agency Processing Management
  • Design Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Construction Estimating
  • Budget Development
  • Constructability Review/Value Engineering
  • Specialty/Supplemental Consultant Selection

Construction Phase Services

  • Bid Management
  • Contract Development and Administration
  • Construction Administration
  • Site Supervision
  • Owner Vendor/Consultant Coordination
  • Project Accounting
  • Budget and Schedule Monitoring
  • Closeout Services