Construction and Real Estate Law Support Services

KCM Group’s professionals have the knowledge to resolve conflict, investigate failures or resolve disputes needed to help clients when their focus is on a specific construction issue. We perform forensic investigations to determine the source and cause of complex construction problems, and assist our clients with expert testimony and insurance claims.

Forensic Investigations

KCM Group’s experience and vast resources allow for comprehensive investigation of site and building system failures. Our full investigatory expertise is applied to formulate determinations of single- or multi-system breakdowns and failures. Within our comprehensive reporting, we include supporting photo documentation and coordination of specialty experts.

Construction Claim Consulting

We provide full-service assistance including defect, delay, errors and omissions, and other claims-based disputes. Our expertise establishes credibility and serves to objectively pursue equitable remedies. Standard activities include document review, participant interviews, research, chronological reconstruction, development of claim narrative, and estimate of damages or development of repair cost.

Insurance Claim Development

KCM Group performs full investigations and develops insurance claims covering flood, collapse, fire and other disaster perils. Services include comprehensive claim justification and reporting, coordination of necessary experts, estimate of loss, interface with insurance adjuster, and construction management services in implementing the repair.

Litigation Support/Expert Testimony

The KCM Group team provides seasoned expertise to any construction- or real estate-related dispute or litigation. A wide spectrum of services is available to assist in the development of pertinent materials to support the plaintiff or defense perspective.