KCM Group is committed to meeting and exceeding the owners’ expectations on all construction management projects. To accomplish this, we confirm the owner’s objectives and the project delivery method through our pre-construction process. Then, we implement an owner’s vision through the selection (and bid management, if necessary) of a skilled team of design consultants and contractors. We achieve consistency between the design and the project’s objectives by performing regular technical reviews to ensure quality, coordination and constructability of designs as work progresses. Budgets and schedules are established at the outset, updated as needed, and closely monitored throughout the design phase. Finally, KCM Group performs a thorough review of the completed product and closeout documents.


KCM Group has a successful track record providing pre-construction consulting and project management service for complex land development projects. Our staff of construction management professionals provides a range of project management services to developers and investors. We are able to provide our clients with a variety of services at any stage of a project from due-diligence through closeout and bond exoneration. We act in a variety of capacities and excel as a project leader or extension to an owner’s in-house team.


KCM Group professionals have the expert knowledge needed to help clients when their focus is on a specific construction issue. We perform forensic investigations to determine the source and cause of construction problems, and assist our clients with expert testimony and insurance claims.

Stormwater Compliance Program Management & SWPPP

We are a highly qualified team capable of customizing comprehensive Stormwater Pollution Prevention Programs. From planning to implementation and management to training, we support all areas of stormwater compliance for your construction activities. For nearly 20 years, KCM Group’s construction management experts have helped developers, builders and land owners in the public and private sectors address a myriad of construction matters for project of all sizes. Our team of stormwater management specialists are certified QSDs and QSPs who understand the importance of striking a balance between cost and compliance to keep your project running efficiently.