Stormwater, SWPPP and Air Quality Management for Construction

KCM Group provides comprehensive stormwater and air quality management services for construction activities. Our team specializes in stormwater pollution prevention (SWPPP) and air quality management to help builders and developer more efficiently navigate the regulatory environment. Evolving regulations require builders and developers to meet stringent measures throughout the life cycle of a project. KCM’s qualified SWPPP Developers and Practitioners help clients strike a balance between environmental responsibility and cost effectiveness.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention & Air Quality Management

KCM Group is well-versed in the development of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), Dust Mitigation Plans and navigating requirements for storm water and air quality. We evaluate construction plans, assess potential pollutant sources and tailor a cost-effective, site-specific approach for staying in compliance.

Inspections | Monitoring | Sampling

KCM Group can provide visual storm activity inspections on your job site or train your internal personnel to do inspections. Our team excels at monitoring existing Environmental Compliance programs or creating tailored programs specifically for the needs of your project or company.   We also prepare Rain Event Action Plans (REAPs) and any other agency required documents.  In addition, using our trained sampling team, we can determine sampling locations, strategy and can give you same day sampling analysis.

Stormwater & Air Quality Permit Management

KCM works with owners before a project even begins to ensure they have the required stormwater and air quality permits in place.  By coordinating with field crews, client teams and other project consultants we are able to ensure the construction sites are prepared as required by the regulating agencies.  We know how to implement and manage permit requirements in all stages of the construction process.  In addition, we will manage permit required documentation and ensure it is submitted to the proper agencies.


All stormwater and air quality permits require specific types and frequencies of training.  Let KCM help your personnel get the right agency-required training.  KCM Group professionals are prepared to facilitate the training of your personnel in a way that helps them take that knowledge and use it in the field, during the planning process and to assess the need for continued or specialized training.